About Us

Mon 06 February 2017

Who we are

The AST Company sprl was founded in 2001, to provide consulting services in the field of Information & Communications Technology, with a focus on engagements where a combination of business and technological expertise is required.

Since its early days in the electronic commerce sector, The AST Company has expanded its customer base across industry sectors, and has developed specific best practices expertise and methodologies for various kinds of consulting engagements revolving around development, deployment and operations of ICT solutions.

What we do

Typical services provided by The AST Company include management activities such as team leading or project/program management, expert advice on specific technical issues or requirements definition, business activities such as partner search or supplier selection, commercial activities such as bid management and financial activities such as project budgeting or company valuations.

In parallel, The AST Company technologies is developing innovative communications solutions oriented towards the professional telecommunications and datacommunications market, using emerging technologie such as Voice over IP.